Flour & Meal

Flour & Meal

 Flours & Meal in your kitchen

Bearing in mind that many of our clients would like to bring some innovation into their kitchens, we have introduced to our offer an appealing alternative to traditional flour. Our wholesale products are made from grinded raw herb grains (or seeds) and are offered to you also in the form of meals. They are differentiable from flours thanks to slightly coarser particle size and can serve as a noteworthy substitute for wheat.

Recipes using alternatives for traditional flour

It is possible to use Coconut FlourFlaxseed FlourSunflower Flour or Hemp Flour for baking healthy versions of cakes, muffins, pies, biscuits, or making enjoyable fluffy pancakes – try serving them with our delicious teas! Moreover, they are also suitable for homemade pasta. As for the Flaxseed Meal and Flaxseed & Milk Thistle Meal you can exchange it for your daily cereal portion and enjoy it with milk or yoghurt.

Please consider adding our finely ground herbal products to your little pantry and dare to taste new plant-based foods!

Flour & Meal Products