Herbs are the parts of plants that grow above the ground

They include leaves, stems, flowers, buds, etc. The possible use of dried herbs is quite versatile, as they are commonly used. A vast majority of them are used also for culinary purposes – to add a specific flavor and a unique aroma to dishes.

Carefully picked, dried, and loose herbs have extraordinary properties and they are truly admirable. They have been used in herbal medicine for centuries, and now we have started to use them because of their beneficial properties as a natural remedy for many ailments. When wisely combined and mixed, they can completely transform every meal’s taste and smell. You can also enjoy a delicious tea made of dried herbs from our offer, for example, Horsetail Herb tea or Cistus Incanus tea.

Our wholesale loose herbs come only from trusted suppliers

They are collected with care, in order to be offered in the loose form and hand-packed into an elegant packaging. After that process, they are ready to be shipped to our clients located all over the world and can be served as a base or additives for teas, brews, macerates, tinctures, and other herbal preparations.

Herb Products