Buds are the small elements of a plant that develop into a flower, leaf, or shoot.

The development of every plant is complex and divided into a few stages. One of them, placed around the middle of the process, is the beginning of a reproductive cycle. It is the time when plants start to form buds, from which other parts will later unfold. They are multifunctional – just as fruits or herbs in the form of dried leaves or fresh stems.

Use buds at home and in the kitchen

Try and make a delicious tea by infusing them in boiling water, using them as a base for tinctures, or creating extracts. In Health Embassy you will find carefully selected buds, which are ready to use and put in stylish packing. They come from trusted suppliers, therefore they are the wholesale loose herbs of a well-known origin.

You can try for example White Poplar Buds – rich in essential oils, Hemp Buds Tea for creating an infusion, or Raw Cacao Beans, which have an excellent aroma.

Bud Products