Cold pressed oils

Cold Pressed Oils

Cold Pressed Oils Health Embassy

The Health Embassy’s main aim is to provide our clients with the best quality natural products which can be beneficial for one’s health and support their wellbeing. Among the best and most recommended products, there are our cold-pressed oils which are of excellent quality due to their making process. Cold pressing is a way of extracting oil from the chosen plant’s seeds that guarantees to retain the unique aroma and flavor. Moreover, this also allows keeping the precious nutritional value.

Production of cold-pressed oils based on traditional methods

Our products are not chemically processed – they are unfiltered, unrefined, and unpasteurized. What is more, we make them from carefully selected seeds and by using traditional, trusted methods. Try our Cold Pressed Flaxseed OilCold Pressed Hemp OilCold Pressed Sunflower OilCold Pressed Milk Thistle OilCold Pressed Nigella Sativa OilCold Pressed Evening Primrose OilCold Pressed Coconut OilCold Pressed Sunflower Oil. Putting a lot of effort into the production process results in the best quality, and – as previously stated – amazing natural flavor and aroma.

The best way to benefit from their quality is to make salad dressings, add them to dips or use them as skincare products. You can put them directly on your face, hair, and nails or mix them with your conditioners or face creams.

Cold Pressed Oil Products