Hemp Products

Hemp Products

Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) is a very fast-growing plant

It is commonly used in the beauty, health, clothing, and food industry nowadays is hemp. It is also known as a variety of Cannabis Sativa and contains only a trace amount of THC, but more CBD (cannabidiol). Therefore, the risk of having any psychoactive effects is eliminated, so the plant is safely used only for industrial purposes. It seems to be a multi-purpose, safe plant, so no wonder its popularity is increasing!

Health Embassy Hemp Products Offer

In our offer, you can find a few hemp products which are intended for consumption. They are rich in proteins, minerals, and fiber, and have a unique taste. For instance, you can try a great alternative for traditional coffee – a Hemp Coffee Substitute made of Cannabis Sativa. The nutty aroma and spice addition (ginger, cloves, cinnamon) make it definitely taste-worthy! We also recommend adding pure seeds to various dishes as a protein source. In our offer there is also Hemp Flour – you can mix it with the traditional wheat one to make an enriched combination.

Another interesting product is Cold Pressed Hemp Oil, which is also great to use in the kitchen, for example for salad dressings. That is however not its only purpose, because it is also beneficial for your beauty. Just add it into your shampoo or face mask.