Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are fruits that have been dehydrated

 When it comes to plants, not only can we enjoy their leaves’ or stems’ taste, but also fruits’. They have been used in herbalism for many years, as they are the edible parts of a plant, serving as a place for accumulating seeds. They are characterized by sweet flesh and aroma. Once dried, the water content has been removed – this has been done naturally. Drying stops fruits from decaying and preserves them, expanding their lifespan.

Incorporating dried fruits into your daily diet

You can use them as an exciting addition to teas, yogurts, pancakes, or pies, making every dish special. In Health Embassy you can find for instance Rosehip Peel or Elderberry Fruit. The latter is especially popular in making jams, syrups, wine, or tinctures, as it has a flavor similar to blueberries.

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Dried Fruit Products