What characterizes the best cold-pressed oils?


What characterizes the best cold-pressed oils?

Nowadays more and more people try to include fully natural (without unnecessary chemical additions and less processed) products in their diets, as they become aware of their great quality. An increasing number of consumers now recognize how important is the way our food is made. A great example of a healthy, non-processed food is a cold-pressed oil, which has become quite a “fashionable” product. People appreciate it for being multi-purpose: it can be used either in the kitchen (for example as a salad dressing or with bread) or as a beauty product - added to face creams or applied on hair. In our offer you can find cold-pressed oils made for instance from hemp seed, shelled sunflower seed or evening primrose, and each of them has its unique qualities.

How are they made?

Natural cold-pressed oils which you will find in Health Embassy are produced in a special way - by seed extraction in the temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. We only use traditional, trusted methods. Thus, our products are different from the traditional oils you can find in shops, as they are made in high temperatures (up to 160 degrees) and then refined. Due to that our cold-pressed products are better, because we do not rid them of their nutritional value. They are full of precious unsaturated fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6. These are exceptionally important for humans, as their bodies are not capable of producing them themselves.

Storage and shelf life

There are specific conditions in which natural cold-pressed oils should be stored. Because they are rich in nutrients, their shelf life is shorter. More precisely, the high amount of omega-3 fatty acids makes them easy to oxidize in room-temperature or in contact with sunlight and air. Some of the offered products also contain natural chlorophyll which serves as a natural antioxidant, which in contact with sunlight works the other way round – speeds up the oxidization. This is why the product should be stored in a shady place. Moreover, we do not use any artificial preservatives, and this is why they should be stored in dark glass bottles and in a fridge.

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