Herbs blends to smoke


Herbs blends to smoke

It is said that there are over 1500 plants that have been documented for use as smoke. Some people may find it helpful to use herbal smoking blends when they are lessening their dependence on tobacco. For some, smoking is also often a ritualistic part of the day.

How to create a herbal smoking blend?

You have to know that to create a perfect blend you must follow some rules. Herbs may be divided into three categories: the carrier or base herbs, herbs with a specific supportive role, herbs used for flavouring. The blend of herbs can be customized by combining different ingredients with different ratio.

There are many herbs that can be used, here are some examples:

Base: Common Bearberry Leaf, White Willow Bark, Blackberry Leaf
Supportive: Catnip Herb, Marshmallow Leaf, Hyssop Herb, White Horehound Herb
Flavour: Angelica Root, Raspberry Leaf, Sweet Woodruff Herb, Rose Petals, Lemon Balm

The ratios of each herb you use is up to your preferences but we get you some guidelines to follow. Base: 2 tablespoons; Supportive: 1 tablespoon; Flavour: ½ tablespoon.

You may notice that tobacco smoke has a certain heaviness and smoothness and sometimes this feature is missing in herbal mixtures. A similar “body” can be created by adding barks and astringent herbs. The smoke of herbal blends has a specific taste and texture, and it resonates with your mood. It is recommended to use leaves that are thoroughly dried.

How to smoke herbs?

You can roll herbs into an herbal cigarette (spliffs) using rolling papers. There are many types of paper (some with added flavour) so you can choose your own favourite one. You can experiment with different herbal blends to suit your taste. Some people use pipes which may seem as an old-fashioned way to smoke but still, it is very popular. Place herbs in the pipe and pack down the bottom layer. Pack the middle layer a moderate amount, and leave the top layer loose. Use the match to light the herbs and inhale for a moment until the herbs are lit. Another way to smoke is using a vaporizer which create a vapor. As there is no burning involved, there is no smoke, though there may be a visible vapour cloud. When vapor gets created from herbs, no new chemicals are formed. Shisha (sheesha) or hookah is another method of smoking, popular in the Middle East and Asia (especially Indian subcontinent).

Popular herbal blends

Here are some blends that you can try:

Coltsfoot Leaf with Raspberry Leaf

Sweet Woodruff Herb with Hemp Leaf

Catnip Herb with Hazel Leaf

Coltsfoot Leaf with Sweet Woodruff Herb

Common Bearberry Leaf with Raspberry Leaf

The other herbs you can smoke are: Lemon Balm, Wormwood Herb, Greater Celandine Herb, Hemp Buds, Stinging Nettle, Marshmallow Leaf, Licorice Root.

Please note that these blends are only examples, try different herbs with different ratios and share them with us in the comment section below.

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