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Plantago Ovata Seeds (Plantaginis ovatae semen)

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Plantago Ovata is widely grown in Pakistan and India.

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 Suggested Use:

Plantago Ovata Seeds should be used together with meals or drinks. It shouldn’t be used in any other form. Seeds can be used as an addition to yoghurt or milk, along with breakfast cereal and fruit. After soaking in water (or other liquid) Plantago Ovata Seeds swell and cover in mucilage. It can also be used to prepare gruel water-based extracts.

Infusion: take 1 tbsp of Plantago Ovata Seeds per 1 glass (200ml) of boiling water, leave it for 20 minutes. Drink without straining along with the seeds that will swell because of water absorption.

Poultice: 2-3 tbsp Plantago Ovata Seeds per 1 glass of cold, boiled earlier water (200ml), leave it for 6 hours. The gelatinous substance derived is called poultice, and can be used externally as a compress (put it on a bandage, gauze pad and apply to the affected skin).

Decoction/gruel: cook the Plantago Ovata Seeds in the water for a few minutes, leave for 20 minutes, drink or use externally. To prepare gruel, use more seeds per glass of water than for decoction.

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