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Soapwort Root (Saponaria officinalis L.)

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Soapwort (Saponaria officinalis L.) is a plant native to Europe, Asia to western Siberia. It grows in cool places at low or moderate elevations under...

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Soapwort (Saponaria officinalis L.) is a plant native to Europe, Asia to western Siberia. It grows in cool places at low or moderate elevations under hedgerows and along the shoulders of roadways. It is grown as a decorative perennial in home gardens because of the very nice flowers.

Soapwort is perhaps best known as a plant for making natural soaps and also for cleaning and brightening delicate fabrics, but it is also used in herbalism. Soapwort Root is a great product for all kinds of washing cosmetics: soaps, shower and bath gels, and shampoos. Saponins are present in it cause that the cosmetic will foaming better.

Soapwort Root has also found a few culinary uses, especially in the Middle East (in a production of local sweet, halva).

How To Use Soapwort Root Health Embassy


1-2 tsp of Soapwort Root pour with 250 ml of boiling water. Infuse under the cover for about 10-15 minutes, then strain.


10g of crushed Soapwort Root pour with 200ml of cold water and allow to macerate for 5-6 hours. Then heat, bring it to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes and strain. Drink 3-4 times a day for 100ml.

It can be also applied externally for compresses and rinses.


100g of Soapwort Root pour with 500ml of vodka and let stand for a week. After 7 days, filter and pour into a bottle. Drink 2 times a day, 1 tsp of tincture diluted in 100ml of boiled water for 3-4 weeks. The tincture can be used externally.


Put a cup of the water in a pan and bring to the boil and add 1 tbsp Soapwort Root. Simmer for around 15 minutes, then remove from the heat and allow it to cool. Strain through a cotton cloth into a container (like a jar) then store.


Pour 2-3 tbsp od Soapwort Root with 200ml of boiling water and leave it covered for 15 minutes. Strain the infusion and add 1 tsp of lemon juice (lemon should be squeezed through gauze or strainer so that no pieces of flesh that could remain after washing in the hair). Mix all ingredients. The cooled mixture can be used for daily hair care.

Hair Rinse

2 tbsp of Soapwort Root pour with two glasses (400ml) of cool water, then slowly bring it to a boil and simmer it for about 5-10 minutes, then strain. After cooling, pour the mixture on the hair, spreading it gently throughout the scalp.


Put the crushed Soapwort Root in a muslin or linen bag to boil in a pot with 2 litres of water. Pour the whole into the bathwater. Soap pouch used as regular soap.

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