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Marsh Labrador Herb (Ledum palustre /Rhododendron tomentosum)

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Marsh Labrador (Rhododendron tomentosum / Ledum palustre) is a shrub from the heather family growing up to 150 cm in height. The other names of the plant...

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Marsh Labrador (Rhododendron tomentosum / Ledum palustre) is a shrub from the heather family growing up to 150 cm in height. It is distinguished by hardy leaves and a sharp, herbal scent reminiscent of the rosemary (which is why the plant is called wild rosemary in many languages). It occurs in swampy and wetlands, especially peat soils occurring in wetlands. The other names of the plant include James' Tea, Ledi Palustris Herba, Ledum palustre, Ledum Silvestre, Marsh Citrus, Moth Herb, Rhododendron palustre, Sumpfporst, Swamp Tea, Wild Rosemary.

Marsh Labrador positive properties have been known for many centuries. The first mention of this plant appeared already in the fifteenth century, so it has been known for many generations. At first, Marsh Labrador Herb was used as a plant to repel cockroaches and insects.

In foods, Marsh Labrador Herb is used as a beverage or in beer production. The herb can be used against clothes moths occurring, ex. in wardrobes, drawers, or shelves.

How To Use Marsh Labrador Herb Health Embassy


1 tsp of Marsh Labrador Herb pour 200ml of boiling water. Infuse covered for about 10-15 minutes, then strain it.

This infusion can be also used for rinsing the mouth, washing, rubbing into the skin and hair.


1 tbsp of Marsh Labrador Herb pour with 300 ml of water, bring it to boil and simmer for about 5 - 10 minutes. After this time strain and let it cooled. Use externally.

Pouch against clothes moths

Put 10g of Marsh Labrador Herb into a small cotton bag. Put this pouch in the clothes cupboard in order to repel insects for a pleasant smell and protection against clothes moths. It can also be hung in living quarters, cars, etc.

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