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Burnet Herb (Sanguisorba L.)

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Burnet Herb (knowns as great burnet) grows in North America, North Africa, Canary Islands and in many parts of Europe. It is also found in Asia. In traditional Chinese medicine it is said to cool the blood, stop bleeding, and heal wounds.

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Benefits of Burnet Herb

Burnet Herb has the ability to reduce bleeding, both external and internal. It stops menstrual bleeding, bleeding from piles, nosebleed, dysentery. It can be used for sores, swelling, canker sores, ulcers, moist skin ailments, wounds, burns.  Mouthwash can be made from the herb and used as a herbal treatment for gum inflammation and swollen tonsils. Modern research in China has shown that the whole herb heals burns more effectively than the extracted tannins (the astringent component of the plant). Patients suffering from eczema showed marked improvement when treated with an ointment made from the root and petroleum jelly.

Suggested Use:

Burnet Herb Tea: Pour 250ml of boiling water per 1 tsp and leave infuse, usually for 10-15minutes. Strain the infusion and drink while it's warm. The normal daily dose of Burnet Herb Tea for internal uses is 10-15 g.

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