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Speedwell Herb (Veronica officinalis L.)

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Speedwell is a plant also known as heath speedwell, common gypsy weed, or Paul's betony, it is native to Europe and western Asia. It grows in open areas (fields and meadows). It is known as the universal healer in many languages. Speedwell is used in herbal preparations as anti-inflammatory, tonic, expectorant and diaphoretic.

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Benefits of Speedwell Herb

Speedwell Herb has diuretic, depurative, liver protective and tonic properties. It is used in case of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, gastroenteritis, bladder problems, rheumatic pain, and skin inflammations. It also is taken as a tea to relieve various types of allergies due to its compounds (tannins).

The Speedwell Herb is also present in expectorant tea mixtures and those used against diarrhoea. Some people take Speedwell Herb to increase memory, reduce vertigo and to treat depression. Externally it can be used in ointments to treat skin inflammations, wounds, and eczema.

Suggested Use:

As a tea: infuse 1 tsp of Speedwell Herb in 300 ml of boiling water and strain it in 5 minutes. You can also add some Dandelion Leaf, English Plantain Leaf, Coltsfoot Leaf or some Stevia Powder, if desired.

As a tincture: macerate 2 handfuls of Speedwell Herb in 1 l of 40% spirit for two weeks. You can drink 15 drops dissolved in tea or water three times a day.

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It does not replace the consultation with a doctor and cannot be used as medication or be a part of therapy. All decisions on this matter should be consulted with your doctor.


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