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Southernwood Herb (Artemisia abrotanum L.)

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Southernwood is native to Spain and Italy and was used as a medicinal herb in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Southernwood contains essential oil with powerful insect repellent properties. In French, it is called garderobe meaning ‘clothes protector’ as it is a moth repellent.

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As a tea: Put 1 tbsp of Southernwood Herb in a pot which has a tightly fitting lid and pours a cup of boiling water over it, then leave it and steep for 10 to 15 minutes covered, so that the aromatic steam does not escape. Drink a cup three times a day. You can add some honey to make the taste sweeter.

As a decoction: Put 1 tbsp Southernwood Herb to a pan. Cover with 300 ml of boiling water. Cover with lid and simmer for 15-20 minutes. You can drink it as a tea or make a compress for swelling, abrasions, and in case bleed.

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It does not replace the consultation with a doctor and cannot be used as a medication or be a part of therapy. All decisions on this matter should be consulted with your doctor.

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