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Shepherd's Purse Herb (Capsella bursa-pastoris L.)

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Shepherd’s Purse Herb is native to Europe and parts of Asia, but it can be found in temperate regions around the world. Shepherd's Purse contains fumaric acid and sulforaphane, which have antioxidant effects.

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As a tea: Put 1/2 tsp Shepherd's Purse Herb into the 125ml boiling water. Steep it for 5-10 min. After this time it's ready to drink. It is important to note, that its first cup should be taken on an empty stomach as it will give the utmost benefits of the herb.

That tea could be applied externally when it's cold with soaked cloth compresses or by holding cotton balls soaked in the cold tea firmly against the wound till the haemorrhage stops completely. This tea may also be used in a similar fashion to heal skin ulcers, scratches, and bites.

This product description is for informational purposes only.

It does not replace the consultation with a doctor and cannot be used as a medication or be a part of therapy. All decisions on this matter should be consulted with your doctor.

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