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Asarabacca Herb (Asarum europaeum L.)

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Asarabacca Herb (also known as European wild ginger) contains an essential oil, tanning agents, sugar and mineral salt and a derivative of coumarin. It is mainly used for different illnesses of respiratory tract, e.g. pneumoconiosis and tuberculosis. It can also support the treatment of nervous hyperactivity and migraine.

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Benefits of Asarabacca Herb

Asarabacca Herb has the following effects: expectorant, relaxant, soothing, antibacterial, diuretic, stimulating the secreting functioning of various organs. The main use of Asarabacca Herb is the treatment of different illnesses of the upper respiratory tract. It might be used for catarrhal states of upper respiratory tract where deposits of dry and tightly stuck discharge are present along with a dry and acute cough which is not able to remove the deposited mucus. Asarabacca Herb Health Embassy can be also supportive in case of asthma, bronchospasm, pharyngitis and chronic bronchitis, common conditions among tobacco smokers and the elderly.

Suggested Use:

You can make an infusion: pour a glass of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of Asarabacca Herb, leave covered for 20 minutes, strain. Drink one glass (50g) of the infusion 2-5 times a day.

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