How to Use Dried Rose Petals in Your Home for Different Purposes

These are some of the most creative and ideal ways to use dried rose petals around your home inexpensively, for different purposes.

Herbs blends to smoke

While you trying to quit smoking you can use some alternatives to tobacco. There are a variety of herbs out there that can be enjoyable to consume and they won’t get you high. You can make your own herbal smoking blend. Here are some tips.

Horsetail secrets you never knew

Horsetail is an amazing plant that has been distributed all throughout the world. It belongs to a group of grass plants - the Equisetaceae family. One of the most common species is Equisetum arvensis called also horsetail or field horsetail. This plant has been used as either an ornamental or a medicinal plant. Learn more about its secrets.

Coffee substitutes - how to prepare a perfect cuppa

Coffee is probably the most popular drink in the world. Every morning millions of people grab a mug of hot, aromatic drink on their way to work. Although coffee is known for its health benefits some people want to cut their caffeine intake. What are the options? The answer is – a coffee substitute.

Health Benefits of Coconut Baking Flour

The use of Coconut Flour is a new trend in contemporary cuisine. Nowadays more people use different types of flours in their recipes as they discover their health benefits. Coconut flour is one of the ‘must-haves” in a new wave of baking. Read our blog to find out more about its amazing benefits.