History and use of herbs

How to take care of your own energy with herbs?

How to wake up after a long, cold winter? Do some stretching and peek out of the house to get some sunlight – those are the basic tips. Above all, if you would like to regain your energy and get ready for the new challenges of the year, you need to take care of your sleep pattern and diet!

Green Tea or Black Tea: Which One is Healthier?

The cultural practice of making and drinking tea dates back thousands of years. Throughout time tea has been considered to have many benefits for both the body and the mind. With modern medicine, we can produce scientific evidence of both green and black tea's various benefits.

Herbs in the fight against viruses

Lately we could have seen more and more headlines with information about the current pandemic, improving our immune systems, and overall staying healthy. Due to that, people seem to have grown more interested in alternative treatments. In this group we can definitely include herbs, as they have been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many ailments.

Herbal blends for vaporization you will fall in love (part II)

As you may already know from the previous article about vaporization (available on our blog), inhaling herbs can have its benefits, namely supporting your wellbeing. Of course, provided that they are carefully selected and organic, as the ones in our offer. As it has been previously stated, you can vape not only by using one chosen plant pieces, such as leaves, roots or petals, but you can also mix various kinds of herbs in order to achieve bette

Vaporization - a natural way of supporting conventional medicine treatments (part I)

Surely you have come across some old, traditional ways of treating diseases and various conditions. Those ways are usually passed to younger generations by our grandmothers or mothers, as they have years of experience in using them. Among those, there is the use of herbs – their leaves, roots or flowers, as by many people they are believed to have a positive impact on one’s wellbeing.