How does nature help us increase immunity?

Especially during the colder winter days, you should take care of your health a little bit more to avoid catching flu or even a simple cold. Spending time in poorly-ventilated rooms, among many people makes the germs approach you more quickly. A runny nose, a fever and a sore throat are nothing pleasant; it is better to prevent them than struggle with curing them.

What characterizes the best cold-pressed oils?

Nowadays more and more people try to include fully natural (without unnecessary chemical additions and less processed) products in their diets, as they become aware of their great quality. An increasing number of consumers now recognize how important is the way our food is made. A great example of a healthy, non-processed food is a cold-pressed oil, which has become quite a “fashionable” product.

Coffee substitutes - how to prepare a perfect cuppa

Coffee is probably the most popular drink in the world. Every morning millions of people grab a mug of hot, aromatic drink on their way to work. Although coffee is known for its health benefits some people want to cut their caffeine intake. What are the options? The answer is – a coffee substitute.