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What Is Marshmallow Root, Its Applications, And Healing Powers?
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What Is Marshmallow Root, Its Applications, And Healing Powers?

Marshmallow root comes from a marshmallow plant that looks like a brown fibrous husk. The roots, leaves, and flowers of marshmallow plant are edible and carry medical properties. It can help individuals to deal with digestive problems and skin irritation.

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It contains mucilage that holds healing powers and is generally taken in the form of a capsule, tea, or tincture. It is also used to make cough syrups and various skin related items. Hundreds of people use marshmallow root to make several remedial products for cough, skin and digestion issues. Because of its stronghold in medical usage and low side effects, organic marshmallow root is an ideal option to opt for treating minor ailments.

Applications of Marshmallow Root
⬜ Marshmallow root can be used to make a pleasant tea during chilling days, and for flu or sore throats.
⬜ Marshmallow root carries health beneficial properties so it can be used to treat digestive problems. You can simply mix it with ginger or peppermint leaf to prepare a healthy tea.
⬜ It is a perfect choice to add in your lotions, salves, and solutions for the smoother skin. It is also good to treat sunburn and skin redness.
⬜ You can use the dried roots of marshmallow to make homemade detangling hair spray.
⬜ It is great for wound healing, skin irritations, and much more.

Healing Abilities of Marshmallow Plant
⬜ It may aid in cough and cold: As marshmallow root contains mucilaginous content, it may make it helpful to treat cold and cough. It works as an enzyme to release mucus and prevent bacteria. Marshmallow root that contains lozenges can aid in dry coughs and sore throat.
⬜ It may reduce skin irritation: The anti-inflammatory result of marshmallow root can help to minimize skin irritation.
⬜ It may speed up the wound healing time: Marshmallow root consists of antibacterial property that may be effective in wound healing. It can help to boost the wound healing time and minimize irritation.
⬜ It may promote skin health: Marshmallow root is great to improve the appearance of the skin that has been uncovered from hazardous UV rays.
⬜ It may work as an antioxidant: Marshmallow root carries antioxidant properties that may prevent the body from harm caused by free radicals.

Marshmallow is an herb native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. You can use organic marshmallow root in desserts, beverages, cosmetic creams, candies, and much more.

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