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The magic of Lovage Leaf
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The magic of Lovage Leaf

What is Lovage Herb?

Lovage is a native plant to Europe and Asia. It is a popular herbs which grows in garden and meadows. It has long been used as an aromatic spice for south-eastern peoples and grown in the gardens of ancient Greece and Rome. Its cultivation was spread in the Middle Ages by the Benedictines. It was also used for hundreds of years in love potions because of its magic properties – it makes you more attractive and make people fall in love. It is believed that Lovage Herb gives courage in love, it deepens and evokes the genuine feeling and removes any sexual blocks. It also attracts good and reliable friends. It even helps to get a well-paid job, wealth and success. Is it really true? Check it out yourself.

How to use the magic of Lovage

The Lovage Leaf has been highly valued in the folklore as a magical plant that inspires partners with love and desire. According to the legend, when used in a meal, it will cause sexual and erotic arousal. In medieval times Lovage Herb was use in magic spells. For example, the Lovage and a piece of paper with the names of love ones was tied up with three threads (red, green, white) and buried in along the foundation wall where the married couple was supposed to live. This spell provided a permanent love and bring good fortune in love and marriage. Lovage is believed to protect against bad spirit. It was also used as an aphrodisiac and brides had lovage in their hair or attached to dresses during wedding. Apparently, the extract of Lovage Dried Leaf has an effect both on females and males.

The easiest way to attract a new love is to take a lovage bath before you go out. Just put some leaves (2 handfuls) into pot and boil for 5 minutes and pour in your bath. It is recommended to take a bath half an hour before you are going to meet new people. Your body will have magical aroma that will make people like you more than others.

You can also drink Lovage Herb tea – just boil some water and pour on 2 teaspoons of dried leaves in a cup. Allow to infuse for at least 15 minutes, then strain off the herb and enjoy.

A tincture made od Lovage is also recommended if you are looking for a new partner. Use 1 tablespoon of lovage, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and cover with 2 cups of alcohol (40% ABV). Steep for a month, occasionally shake or stir.


 Benefits of Lovage Herb

Apart from its magical uses, Lovage has also many health benefits. You can try it in treating many conditions. A standard infusion is used to treat colic, flatulence or indigestion. A decoction can also be used to treat sore throats and external ulcers, or added to bath water for skin problems. Application of dried leaves onto skin can help with reducing acne, psoriasis, eczema or inflammation of skin. Antioxidants in lovage may minimize the appearance of wrinkles. That’s why cosmetics that include extracts of lovage are so popular in treating skin condition. Lovage Herb also helps treat lower urinary tract condition such as inflammation, it increase the flow of urine. It prevents kidney stones. Lovage contain a substance called quercetin which in a natural inhibitor of histamines. This will reduce the allergic response of your body (such as runny nose or itchy eyes).Lovage is high in many nutrients and minerals, for example it has vitamin C and B complex and it ishigh in limonene, coumarin, camphor and eugenols.Lovage has also culinary uses. You can add leaves to salads, soups of stews. It adds taste and increases your meal’s nutrient value. It’s often used as a replacement for celery.

As you see this modest herbs has a magical power which you can use during Valentine’s Day. Try it and share your thoughts and experience with us. We hope you enjoy Lovage Herb.