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Health Embassy

Nature's Gift
Welcome to Health Embassy - a place where you can find herbs and other natural products from all over the world. Our mission is not just to sell products - we aim to sell a better future for everyone by providing you with healthy plant-based goods. You can choose from a wide range of herbs, oils, flours, teas and coffees. If you look for something new to try and inspiring - you are at the right place. We want you to benefit from all gifts of nature just like our ancestors. Traditional herbs and natural remedies are the best you can share with your family. Your wellbeing starts here in Health Embassy.

Our Story

We are a family run company started operating in 2014. We are based in the United Kingdom. Our main goal is to provide high-quality herbs to the market. We decided to focus only on natural ingredients from trusted suppliers. After many successful years of trading, we expanded and now we trading worldwide and specialize in herbs, oils, flours and hemp from certified supplier. We want to share with you these excellent products at affordable prices.

Why we do this?

We believe that quality of life depends on our moods, minds and fitness. You can achieve it by nutrient your body with healthy ingredients. We all want to have a better life, the only way to make it is a wise choice: eating healthy food of high quality. No junk food anymore. Change your daily habits with our products - it is much easier to switch to a healthy diet than you think. No matter who you are or what you do - you are just one step closer to improve your lifestyle. Make a positive change right now. Dive into our shop, catering to vegans, vegetarians, and those preferring gluten-free. For tips, tricks, and recipes, check out our blog.

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Our Company

Unit 48 Space Business Centre
Tewkesbury Road
GL51 9FL
United Kingdom
Vat Reg.: GB289062570
Company Number 11077322
Traditional Herbs & Natural Remedies

Healthy Plant Based Goods

Our products, being sourced from reliable suppliers, ensure the use of pure natural ingredients.
Our product offerings boast uncompromising high quality.
Enjoy premium-quality without breaking the bank - our products offer affordability without compromising excellence.
Embrace the heritage of a family-run business established in 2014, delivering excellence through a legacy of trust and dedication.
With years of successful trading, we've expanded globally, specializing in worldwide distribution of herbs, oils, flours, and hemp.
Elevate with quality. Tailored for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free. Explore wellness insights on our blog.